Mission Trips to Lasang & Napisolan

I count it a great privilege joining my pastor on a mission trip last Thursday, August 13. Together with some men of the church, we visited the work of Bro. Armando Dusonan in Lasang, Bukidnon and Bro. Danilo Dao-an in Napisolan also in Bukidnon.

We conducted a preaching service in Lasang under their un-finished church building. The Lord blessed with 44 coming to trust Christ as Saviour. Those same people then followed the Lord in the waters of baptism. The Lord led my Pastor to immediately organize that work into a local church under the authority of its sending church, Bible Baptist Church in Napisolan. God truly worked in a marvelous way!



We then headed to Napisolan to have another service. 17 came to follow the Lord in Believers’ Baptism and were baptized at the river right below the church. Bro. Luke Pensader of Tibal-og and Bro. Armando Dusonan had the privilege of baptizing these new converts.


I thank the Lord for the wonderful opportunity He has given in allowing me to go to these places. We have to see the urgency and need to pray for more laborers in the harvest field of our Lord. I’m praying that God would continue to supply the needs of these mission works and empower its Pastors to preach the whole counsel of God.


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