The History & Purpose of BBI


“The History and Purpose of our Bible Institute”
2 Timothy 2:1-4; Hebrews 5:1-4
Given by Rev. Anselmo Ingay last July 7, 2009

The 1st Bible School was opened by Rev. Schott on June 9, 1959 – that was 50 years ago. We are now on the 48th year because there was 2 year period when Bible School was stopped. When Bible school started, they had only one teacher, Rev. Schott with the help of Mrs. Schott. In 50 years of existence, I’m proud to say that out Bible institute remains the same. What it was 50 years ago is very much the same now.

Mainly, I would like to say that our goal and purpose is very much the same. The original and only purpose why Bible institute was started is to train men and women for full-time ministry. Our ladies are expected to serve as Bible women. Our men are expected to become Pastors of local churches. Our school is not meant for people who just like to get bible knowledge; we believe bible learning is provided by teaching through our Sunday School program and most especially the preaching of God’s Word which is done by the pastor.

As a pastor, I always draw a line – I always make a distinction in training men to do the work of the ministry. I train the men in our local church to do the work in the ministry of the local church.
I train men in our Bible School to go to the mission field. And by the grace of God, we do not want to mix-up things in our priorities. If you’re not called of God to go to the mission field, do not enroll in Bible School because I’m committed to do this ministry as a training ground for the 500 pastors who will pastor the 500 churches that I want to see before the time the Lord calls me home.

Avoid these few things in coming to Bible School:

1. Don’t go to Bible School because you feel there is no other place you can go to. It seems everywhere you go, you fail. You try to drive a bus, you failed; you tried to be a doctor, all of your patients died; you tried to be a lawyer, all of your clients went to jail; you applied for a job and nobody accepts you, so you go to Bible School.

2. Don’t go to Bible School hoping the ministry will provide you a living.

3. Don’t go to Bible School because you feel the ministry is the easiest job in the world. There are a lot of churches who look at the ministry as a place to find comfort, like someone on vacation; they look at the ministry as a place to find good sleep.

4. Do not look at the ministry as a place to try-out, a place to find opportunity. If it works favorably, well good; if things get hard, that means you retract or withdraw.
NO! Ministry is a life of commitment!

Friend, the only reason you surrender to go to Bible School is because God has called you.


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