Pastor and Mrs. Ingay’s U.S. Trip

calendar-icon-300x300My Pastor and his wife had just concluded a wonderful month in the States. To get a glimpse of what they’ve experienced, here’s the itinerary of their trip.

They arrived in Anthony Kansas on May 19.

They were met by the Schott family as well as some US-based former members of the Bible Baptist Church in Davao.

May 22 – Missionary Richard Schott, went to be with the Lord.

May 24

(AM) – Preached at Central Baptist Church, Anthony, Kansas

This is the church where Rev. & Mrs. Schott were saved, called to the ministry and sent out under the ministry of the late missionary Fred Null.

(PM) – Preached at First Baptist Church in Medicine Lodge, Kansas. (Pastor Matt Wilkerson)

Deborah Schott drove them about an hour from Anthony to this church. Pastor preached and had great results to the glory of God!

May 26 – Burial service for Rev. Richard M. Schott. Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Bluff City, KS.

The service was well attended by family & friends as well as fellow servants of God. Dr. Carl Boonstra was the officiating minister.


May 31 – Dr. Carl Boonstra drove Pastor & Mrs. Ingay to Springfield, MO

(AM) – Pastor Preached @ the Seminole Baptist Church

(PM) – Preached @ the Berean Baptist Church in Springfield. This is where Dr. Boonstra and his wife, Elsie, have their membership.

June 1 – They visited the  Baptist Bible College. The school where our missionaries graduated. He was also able to meet the current Missions Director, Dr. Jon Konnerup. They had a wonderful time of fellowship.

They had the wonderful opportunity to meet different missionaries from various fields. It sure was a blessing on their part to meet those fellow ministers of the gospel.

June 3 – Went back to Anthony, Kansas to spend more time with Mrs. Schott and the family. Went to the farm where Pastor Schott grew up. Also visited the grave for the last time.

June 5 – Travelled to San Diego, CA to be with Bro. Rick & Mrs. Gloria Fiesta.

June 7 – Attended the Lighthouse Baptist Church, San Diego, California (Pastor Doug Fisher)

Pastor was able to teach Bro. Rick Fiesta’s Filipino Sunday School class.

June 10 – Attended Bible Baptist Church, National City, California (Pastor Larry Obero)

The church had a “Family Seminar” with Pastor Tom Messer from Trinity Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida as the speaker.

After the services, they had a wonderful time of fellowship with the Oberos, the Messers.

June 11 – Bro. Rick Fiesta drove them to Los Angeles.

June 12 – Spent the whole day enjoying the sights and sounds at Universal Studios in Hollywood.

June 13 – Joined the Saturday Soul Winning of the Victory Baptist Church in North Hollywood. Pastor Ingay went with their Pastor, Rob Badger.

In the afternoon, they met with some old acquiantances and a had a wonderful time.

Pastor Ingay was able to witness to a man that eventually made a profession of faith.

June 14

(AM) – Attended the services of Victory Baptist Church, North Hollywood.

The church had a special day called “Super Summer Sunday”.

(PM) – Visited Lancaster Baptist Church & West Coast Baptist College


June 17 – Visited Desert Gateway Baptist Church, Gilbert, Arizona (Pastor Ron Leversee)

June 18 – Went Home to the Philippines!

June 20 – Arrived in the Philippines at 6:30 AM

We are thankful at how the Lord had worked in our pastor’s heart during his time in the states. The valuable lessons, encouragements, vision-expansion and the many other opportunities he has known will be “eternal” as far as our work here in Davao is concerned. To God be the glory!


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