Lamidan Church Camp 09

4327_1135640760073_1498978450_30346785_6739181_nMay 11-13 was a tremendous time of encouragement as 27 of us from Davao went to Lamidan, Davao del Sur for the 3rd All-Lamidan Church Camp.

I had the privilege of opening the event as I preached from 1 Cor. 15:58 on “Always Abounding”. Prior to the message, they had an instrumental competition where a number of young people played old-fashioned hymns using the organ or the guitar. It sure was an encouragement knowing that in spite being in a “far” place, these Christians still cling to the Old-Fashioned way of music.

The following morning, we heard various speakers exhorting & encouraging us from their different assigned topics. We were blessed by the preaching of Bro. Oscar Malbino, Bro. Sebio Balindan, Bro. Rhyan Batucan & Bro. Ricky Almabat. It is encouraging how the Lord can use someone like Bro. Ricky who hasn’t had the opportunity to even enter Kindergarten! Yet he preached with much power & eloquence. A clear evidence that God is at work!

The Afternoon was given for various games. The preachers & their respective churches enjoyed a fun-filled competition as they played the relay race & the tug-of-war. Kudos to Bro. Mickey Lucentales & Lourrie Ann for a great work!


In the evening service, they had the musical contest for the choir category. I still don’t know if they did it on purpose but 10 out of 18 groups sang the song “Trust & Obey”. Some sang it in their native dialect while others sang it in English. After that, Pastor Ingay preached from Romans 8:37 on being more than a conqueror. Altars were filled with people coming for salvation and 135 for prayer & thanksgiving. A number came for full-time service as well.


It was a great time of blessing! Can’t wait for next year’s camp!

To God be the glory!

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