God Has Promised

Image001This year’s Daily Vacation Bible School has been a wonderful time experiencing the Lord’s blessing. The theme was “God has Promised”. Truly, the Lord fulfilled His promise of blessing His Word by blessing our DVBS.

During the first day, we learned about His promise to “Never the Destroy the Earth again with a Flood”. On the second, we journeyed through the cross and learned that “Whosoever Believes on Jesus will be saved”. On Wednesday, we learned that He is a God who hears and “Answers Prayer”. Thursday’s lesson was on God “Caring for His Children” and lastly on Christ “Coming Again”.

We had an average attendance of 375 children everyday and a Friday Graduation Attendance of 547. A total of 166 came to be saved, 24 for Assurance of Salvation, 15 for prayer & thanksgiving, 11 to get right w/ God, 1 to be a soul winner and 1 came desiring to be used of God.

Image007After the long week, the volunteer workers enjoyed some time of fellowship at the Seagull Beach Club in Matina Aplaya.

We thank the Lord for His goodness and faithfulness!


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