All Church Camp 2009


All Church Camp 2009

03All Church Camp 2009 was a great “refresher” as campers from like-minded Bible Baptist Churches in Mindanao “Walked with Jesus” at the grounds of the Mt. Carmel camp site in Kinuskusan, Bansalan, Davao del Sur.

Each camper arrived with a heart ready and excited to hear God’s Word given by His appointed & anointed men.

Tuesday was a registration and “get-together” day, everyone took the time to fellowship with friends from other churches as well as meet new people. In the evening, Rev. Hallares from Mati preached on the life of Abraham followed by Rev. Brasileño of Malita encouraging us to stand like the three Hebrew Children in spite being thrown to the fiery furnace stood true to their convictions. It was a great opening night!


Wednesday Morning, Bro. Manuel Benguara preached on the topic of Salvation. I then followed by exhorting the campers on the subject of Soul Winning. Bro. Yutig & Bro. Uyanguren fluently expounded on the topics of “Walking w/ Jesus in the Home” & “Guarding ourselves against the World” respectively.

In the afternoon, the Ambassadors’ Dept. were in charge of handling the parlor games. The ones in charge sure did an awesome job keeping the campers alive, alert and enthusiastic. This year, special prizes were given to those who would quote all the camp verses by memory & by heart. It did encourage my heart seeing how campers were “meditating” upon the Word of God all throughout the camp duration.

In the evening, Rev. Dadivas from Isulan preached on the life of Moses and how he endured as walking with Him who was invisible. He was followed by the preacher known as the “Tagum Tornado”, Rev. Aurelio Claver, preaching like a leather-lunged machine – “bombing” on the life of Paul and how we must press on and keep on keeping on for our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ. Everyone was blessed by the Word of God!

Campers couldn’t believe how short this year’s camp was as they woke up on Thursday morning realizing it was the last day! Again, God’s anointing was evident in the AM services as Rev. Steve Ong of Panabo preached on Giving & Expending ourselves in the work of the Lord. He was then followed by the simple but deep & powerful preacher, Bro. Romeo Aniñon who “talked” to us about “Walking in Full-Commitment to our Lord”. An incoming 2nd year BBI Student, Bro. Rhyan Batucan, then mounted the pulpit in fiery fashion “smoking” us and “burning” our hearts regarding the matter of prayer!

The last speaker for that morning was no other than my pastor, Rev. Anselmo Ingay, preaching on Walking w/ Jesus in Desperate Times. He encouraged everyone to keep on walking w/ the Lord knowing that God is always in Control! It was a great blessing!

04_gbThis year’s Talents Night can be best described by one word and that is – UNIQUE! Great singing groups were formed by the campers themselves. One group gaining notoriety was the “GB” group (aka “Good Boys”). Another group that was birthed during the camp was the “Ultimate Conquerors”, made up of pastors from different churches. (Pastor Ingay coined that title for the group). Also, for the first time, we had a “Skits” competition, where BBI students took second place by doing a Soul Winning skit. (There were only 2 contestants).


I CHOOSE to “Silence my Voice” as to who won the skit competition. Ha! Just ask the campers! That skit was fun, fun, and uhmm…did I say fun? Oh yeah before I forget, IT WAS FUN! but most of all it carried an eternal truth that changed the campers’ lives forever – We MUST CHOOSE JESUS over the howling voices of this world!

And of course, we can’t call it a night until we have heard from God’s Word through His man. My Pastor preached a powerful message on the life and walk of Enoch. He challenged everyone to have a God-given testimony of pleasing the Lord in spite of the “dictates” of society. It truly was a great message! As a result of God’s working, many surrendered their lives for full-time service. To God be the glory!


It sure was a camp worth remembering in years to come! We give God ALL the glory!

I just thank the Lord for the opportunity of being a part of this camp and the privilege of serving Him by His grace!

(Special thanks to John Pogoy & Lourrie Ann Rimando for the pictures)


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