Our Missionaries

schottrichardsmallI will forever be grateful for the ministry of Rev. & Mrs. Richard Schott.

I do not wish to exalt the man nor ascribe glory to him because the Lord alone deserves our attention and our praise. The Bible does say to “give honour to whom it is due” and I would like to “give honour” to a Missionary, MY Missionary, OUR Missionary, Rev. Richard Schott.

I would like to thank the Lord for his SURRENDER – He and his wife, Mary Ellen, came to the remote place of Davao City, Philippines to tell the lost souls about the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. They left the comforts of home, family and friends to obey the call of God in their lives. They risked schottfmlytheir lives to share the good news because they were totally surrendered to God’s call. Their lives were totally surrendered to God and His will. Often times, Rev. Schott would refer to the three phrases he wrote in his Bible – No Reserves, No Retreats, No Regrets. Truly his was a life of no reserves; everything was surrendered to God, no retreats – there have been times when they could have gone back, numerous trials, unbelievable opposition and times of loneliness, but they, by the grace of God did not retreat – they did not quit! And right now, they could testify that it has been a life of no regrets!

44anni05-2Secondly, I’d like to thank the Lord for his STAND – their stand for the Old-Fashioned Bible way! He was known for his stand on biblical-separation. Pastor Schott, in my opinion was a model Pastor – he took his job seriously, he focused on the Lord and never did waver from the fundamentals of the faith. Often misunderstood for his strictness, he stood on what the Bible says regardless what people would say, he recognized that the Lord alone was the source of blessing and Him alone should be pleased. I thank the Lord for his stand on separation.

Lastly, I’d like to thank the Lord for his STEADFASTNESS – There’ve been times when results were not what they have expected but they kept on, acknowledging God blesses faithfulness. In my working with Rev. Schott, I have observed him to be a disciplined man. He gets to church at a certain time, never late and is very predictable. I believe this has contributed to him being used of God, that consistency and stability he possessed, it’s probably one of the reasons God allowed him to pastor a big work.

Truly our focus should ALWAYS be on the Lord, but sometimes the example of another would inspire us to focus and do more  for the Lord. Certainly all of us have failures, but that makes it more encouraging to see how God could use somebody, with all his weaknesses and failures and just realizes that he can’t do it alone, relies upon God for the impossible and seeing God honor that faith and do marvelous work!

I do miss Pastor Schott, his preaching, admonition, and his personal discipline, but I know that what He taught us, the influence he left in us will remain as we remain faithful to the Word of God. The Old-Fashioned Bible, Prayer, Soul Winning, Non-Charismatic music, standards, everything he was known for will remain if we remain faithful. It not enough to pay sentimental lip service and not do the things he taught us, because the truth is, it is not about Pastor Schott, it’s about following the Lord Jesus Christ and being faithful to the principles found in His word.

It is my prayer that Pastor Schott’s example would challenge you to better live for the Lord, to have a better walk with God. If it is your desire to honor the life and ministry of Rev. & Mrs. Schott, then don’t just say it but actually learn and do what they taught for 51 years, not because they said it, but because it is from the Word of God! That would make them happy. It would make them happy not only for you to remember them, but for you to follow the Word of God and the God of the Word.

Again, I thank the Lord for them. Only Eternity would tell the impact they had in the lives of Filipino people and many others.

I thank the Lord for Rev. Richard & Mrs. Mary Ellen Schott!




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