The Blessings & Pitfalls of Social Networking

April 28, 2009

This article is originally posted at posted by Dr. Paul Chappell – Pastor of the Lancaster Baptist Church in Lancaster, CA and President of West Coast Baptist College.  It is my prayer that God would speak to your heart regarding our proper use of technology.

The Blessing and Pitfalls of Social Networking

Keeping a Good Testimony with Your Friends and Followers

As a pastor, it is my joy to help people in their daily walks with God. In recent years it has come to my attention that technology and social networking is a growing part of people’s everyday lives. While I am not an expert on these subjects, I obviously have a blog, and I am even trying to understand the value of Twitter and other such technologies.

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All Church Camp 2009

April 23, 2009


All Church Camp 2009

03All Church Camp 2009 was a great “refresher” as campers from like-minded Bible Baptist Churches in Mindanao “Walked with Jesus” at the grounds of the Mt. Carmel camp site in Kinuskusan, Bansalan, Davao del Sur.

Each camper arrived with a heart ready and excited to hear God’s Word given by His appointed & anointed men.

Tuesday was a registration and “get-together” day, everyone took the time to fellowship with friends from other churches as well as meet new people. In the evening, Rev. Hallares from Mati preached on the life of Abraham followed by Rev. Brasileño of Malita encouraging us to stand like the three Hebrew Children in spite being thrown to the fiery furnace stood true to their convictions. It was a great opening night! Read the rest of this entry »

Abiding in Prayer

April 23, 2009

092507v1A message given to the Young People #1 last April 19, 2009

Text: John 15:5-8
Title: Abiding in Prayer
Introduction: There is only one way to overcome obstacles and that is through the Lord – Abiding in Prayer. Without Him we can do nothing.
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Walking with Jesus in Soul Winning

April 23, 2009

knocking_on_door1_imageLast April 15, I was privileged to speak at the all church camp 2009. Here is the outline of the message the Lord allowed me to give.

Text: Matthew 4:18-20
Walking With Jesus in Soul Winning
Introduction: In verses 12 to 25, we see Jesus starting His earthly ministry. Christ established His church with the calling of the twelve. With that, they were also given their job descriptions, what they were to do. The 4 Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke & John) are also known as the synoptic Gospels – meaning telling one story from different angles.
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Our Missionaries

April 10, 2009

schottrichardsmallI will forever be grateful for the ministry of Rev. & Mrs. Richard Schott.

I do not wish to exalt the man nor ascribe glory to him because the Lord alone deserves our attention and our praise. The Bible does say to “give honour to whom it is due” and I would like to “give honour” to a Missionary, MY Missionary, OUR Missionary, Rev. Richard Schott.

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Mati Revival

April 10, 2009

mati01The Lord truly is a great God! And again I saw how great He is last Tuesday during the one-day Revival at the Bible Baptist Church in Mati, Davao Oriental. Along with 22 others, I arrived in Mati at approximately 7:30am to have a day of Soul Winning, Praying, Revival and experiencing God’s blessings.

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