Bukidnon Trip

image029I count it a wonderful opportunity to be able to go with my Pastor on a “mission survey trip”. Last March 17, fifteen of us from Davao traveled early morning to scout the gospel-needy cities of Bukidnon.

We first arrived in Malaybalay to have our lunch in one of their local restaurants. After that, we proceeded handing out gospel tracts in the area. Despite the rain our hearts were challenged as we realized the need for a Bible Baptist Mission in that place. One Bible student even quipped that he was willing to stay there for 2 weeks and just do nothing but knock on doors, organize bible studies in homes and just get the seed of the Word planted. The place was full of promise.

After Malaybalay, we headed to Valencia but not w/o stopping at some nearby pineapple store. We all enjoyed the great food and fellowship in that wonderful “side event”. Arriving in Valencia, we strived together to do our best the one thing we came to do – spread the gospel through tracts. Again, the students were challenged seeing the need of a local mission started in that area.

image027The last area we went to was Quezon, still a town in Bukidnon. It was getting dark and still raining, we quickly gave the tracts that were left from the earlier supply. Again, it was a wonderful, heart-challenging experience. One thing was consistent – EACH PLACE NEEDED A GOSPEL PREACHING CHURCH.

On our way home, we stopped by Calinan to have our dinner. It was obvious that everyone was physically tired and beaten but amidst all of that we were all spiritually elated.

I want to thank my Pastor for allowing to be on that wonderful trip. It certainly was and IS a great opportunity to work side by side with him. The Lord has laid on my Pastor’s heart to start at least 500 churches in the Island of Mindanao. It is our desire, by the grace and power of God, that that vision would come to fruition.


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