Busy week ahead!


We will be very busy this week as we prepare for the 51st Church Anniversary of the Bible Baptist Church. The services on March1 will start 7:15am for the Visayan Service, 8:30 for the Sunday School time and 9:30 for the Preaching Service. I hope to see you on that day!

tracts_17Tomorrow, we would be starting the first day of our Soul-Winning Marathon. From February 24th up to the 27th, we would be going out and knocking on doors and telling people the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am personally excited for this Saturday afternoon’s “Be One of 51” promotion of the Ambassadors’ Department. We never had 51 soul winners before, and it is our goal to please the Lord by having 51 on that day. Please pray for God to give us a great harvest of souls.

Also, Please pray for our Guest Speaker, Rev. John Quinlan from the Mountain View Bible Baptist Church in Balibago, Pamapanga. May God speak mightily through him.

Pray that God would do the work that only He can do this week!

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