Samal Work


I count it a great privilege serving the Lord. This past week we have experienced the Lord working in ways that we could not have envisioned. Last January 29, we went to Babak, Samal to go house to house soul winning from morning to afternoon, working hand-in-hand with the Christians there.
The people in Babak for a long time were praying that God would send a man to come and be their pastor. The Lord’s answer came as Bro. Florante Uyanguren, a 1st year BBI Student surrendered to the call of God to go to that needy place.

image008In the evening, we had an Evangelistic meeting attended by 179 people. There were two speakers that night, Rev. Claver from Tagum and Pastor Ingay from Davao City. The Lord blessed with 14 souls coming to receive Christ as Saviour and 16 came for prayer & revival.  Rev. Claver preached on “The Verse that Made Salvation Plain and Simple” while Pastor Ingay preached on “Bones beginning to Live”. It was a blessed night. Not to mention, the one who took care of me while still a baby also came and got saved that night!

uyangurens02Sunday Night, we as a church formally sent out Bro. Uyanguren and his family to the mission field of Samal. The motion was made by one of the men, Bro. Marlon Frando, and it was seconded by Bro. Johnson de Jesus. The congregation will be organized into a church this coming Sunday, February 8, 2009. “Pastor Florante Uyanguren” preached a great message from John chapter 9 regarding the “Work of God”. After the services, my aunt and I treated the Uyangurens’ and their church pianist, Bro. Miksan Robledo, to a simple meal.

The Lord willing, the Ambassadors Dept. will be helping the newly organized church by going house-to-house visitation on Monday afternoon, February 9.

Let’s be in prayer for the work there in Samal. The Lord has great things in store.

’til next time,

Bro. J

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