Ambassadors’ List of Projects


By the grace of God, here is the list of projects we desire to accomplish as Ambassadors in the next 6 months. I’m excited to see how God would work in accomplishing HIS work.

Ambassadors’ PROJECTS
January – June 2009


1. Soul Winning every 2nd Saturday of the Month

2. Soul Winning Marathon on the afternoon of February 28 (Saturday)
– In preparation for our 51st Church Anniversary.
Theme: “Be One of 51”
Note – We never had 50 workers in soul winning  so we want to exceed that during this time.

3. Missionary Soul Winning
– The purpose of this is to help the missions of our church in their evangelistic efforts.

A. BBC – Babak, Samal
Feb 9 – Monday afternoon, After their church organization.
March 16 – Monday afternoon
May 16 – Saturday afternoon
April 20 – Saturday Afternoon
May 30 – Saturday Afternoon

4. Ambassadors’ Men Prayer Meeting – Every 2nd Saturday of the Month
– After Soul Winning.
The purpose of this project is to uphold our Pastor in prayer as he prepares the message for the following day. Ask Pastor of some special requests he would want us to pray for.

5. Mother’s Day Tribute – May 10 (team up with the YP#1)

6. Father’s Day Tribute – June 21 (Team up with the YP#1)

7. Sponsor faithful Ambassadors of their camp fee.

8. Have a well planned skit for the Camp
– give this to the Group Leaders.

9. June – Ambassadors’ Men Outing with Sir Rudy!

10. July – Ambassadors’ Ladies Outing with Ma’am Connie!

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