January 7-9 marked the 43rd Annual Mission Conference at the Bible Baptist Church. This year’s theme was “REDEEMING THE TIME” and throughout the whole conference we were challenged to seize the moment and to moment-by-moment follow the Lord through His Word.

As a church, we had a faith promise goal of 2 Million pesos or P38,462.00 for 52 weeks. By the grace of God, we desire to give this amount to the mission work of the Bible Baptist Church, Davao City.

January 7, Wednesday Night.

bbi-gradWe had our BBI Graduation with 4 Graduating Students. Miss Brenda Corcino, Miss Charish Villanueva, Bro. Arnel Yutig from Tagum, and Bro. Manuel Bengaura Sr.

Special music was “special” with the quartet singing “We’ll Hold up the Light” and the choir singing “Christ for the Whole Wide World”

Pastor Ingay challenged each one of us to redeem the time because the days are certainly evil.

January 8, Thursday Morning

The morning was spent on preaching. We got to here the BBI Students from the Malita extension.
Bro. Antonio Thom, Bro. Ishmael Abdul, Bro. Ricky Almabat, Bro. Arnel Yutig, Bro. Oscar Malbino were the preachers. Each one brought a bible message that challenged each one to Redeem the time. We were blessed with what God is doing through these preachers.

January 8, Thursday Afternoon

minimallOne of our most awaited events during the conference was the mini-mall. This year’s mall was the largest we ever had. There were 100+ preachers, pastor’s wives and full-time workers who were included in the mini-mall. They were each given a “Credit Card” that they could use to buy clothes, shoes, kitchenware, books and other ministry materials.

Truly it was a great victory and we give God all the glory!

As the President of the Ambassadors Dept., I would like to thank everyone who helped and contributed to the success of the mini-mall. May the Lord richly bless all of us!

I am excited what the Lord has in store for us this year.

January 8, Thursday Night

Rev. Joel Brasileno preached in his usual God-anointed way. Special music were provided by the Bible Students and the “Streams Trio”.

Then the pulpit-pounding, hell-fire-and-damnation “Tagum Tornado” Preacher, Rev. Aurelio P. Claver mounted the pulpit.  He preached on “Setting our Goals”, challenging each one to set some goals in our christian life.

By the grace of God, Bro. Claver’s church is now averaging 203 in Attendance per Sunday. In 3 Weeks they would be celebrating 5 years of ministry and they have a goal of 500 in attendance on that day.

ambfellowshipThat message was a great challenge to me.

After the services, our Advisers from the Ambassadors’, Sir Rudy and Ma’am Connie Lara treated us at “GreenHills” for the success of our project. We enjoyed our fellowship time there.

January 9, Friday Morning

Though it was the last day of the conference, it was packed with preaching.
6 Different preachers that morning.  First speaker was my good friend, Bro. Rhyan Batucan, he’s a 1st year bible student. He preached on living out the Christian life.  He was followed by Rev. Steve Ong from Panabo City, Bro. Tirso Catoy from Upper Lamidan, Rev. Hallares from Mati, and the morning was concluded by Rev. Ruben Dadivas from Isulan.

After lunch, the preachers were then given their project money, grocery items, and song books from the Ambassador’s Dept.


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One Response to MISSION CONFERENCE 2009

  1. Lourrie says:

    to God be the glory indeed…can’t wait for 2010’s mission conference… God knows what great things He has prepared for us next year 🙂

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