While I was preparing my message “Continue”, I began writing this as a part of my conclusion. I’d like to share it with you. It is my prayer that the Lord would inspire your heart to just “Continue”.



(Excerpt from the message preached last Dec. 14, 2008)

When circumstances are hard, Continue
When you are tired, Continue
When you are discouraged, Continue
When trials are numerous, Continue
When it seems you’re all alone, Continue
When you don’t understand, Continue
When nobody cares, Continue
When trusting God seems impossible, Continue
When friends and teachers turn their backs against God, Continue
When close friends betray you, Continue
When God seems to be unfair, Continue
When the doctor says its critical, Continue
When you can’t see God’s plan, Continue
When pain is the only choice, Continue
When defeat seems to be the normal, Continue
When critics observe your every move, Continue
When you don’t know what to do, Continue
When God seems to have left you, Continue
When your heart has lost hope, Continue
When your hope has lost hope, Continue
When your tears have all dried up, Continue
When the funeral is over, Continue
When your health fails, Continue
When you fail, Continue
When God’s chastening is needed, Continue
When the storm is raging, Continue
When the storm wrecks your whole life, Continue
When you hit the wall, Continue
When the wall hits you, Continue
When darkness comes at noon time, Continue
When God’s blessing seems to be withheld, Continue
When you’re work goes unnoticed, Continue
When there seems to be no results, Continue
When the Bible seems to be a closed book, Continue
When it seems there are no answers to prayer, Continue
When discouragement becomes your address, Continue
When Loneliness is your only companion, Continue
When waiting seems to be endless, Continue
When it seems God’s awaited perfect time has forgotten you, Continue
When God’s best seems to be the worst, Continue
When God seems to contradict His promise, Continue
When continuing seems to be unending, Continue
When it seems your future is all over, Continue
When it seems serving God only breeds misery, Continue
When you feel you can’t continue anymore, CONTINUE!!!

By the Grace of God, may we just “Continue”

2 Responses to Continue

  1. Lourrie says:

    thank you bro. jay for such soul-stirring, heart-pricking, Spirit-driven and Spirit-filled messages… “CONTINUE” with this new ministry God has given you… “CONTINUE” holding up the light that others may be enlightened and may be reminded of God’s infinite love and grace… “CONTINUE” to be a blessing… 1 Corinthians 15:58

  2. Hi Bro. Josh. This entry is such an encouragement and great blessing. I thank God that you have this site. Continue … I hope you would consider uploading audio or video files of messages. Can it be done here?

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