Samal Report


Our Trip to Samal

(December 14, 2008)

God did great things for us last weekend as we ministered to the people in Samal.
I’m a part of the group of preachers who take turns in going to Samal.

December 14 was my schedule to go there. I, together with Bro. Jethro Fernandez and Bro. Zaldy John Garcia expected the great blessings of God as we would minister to the people there.

We arrived at the Robledo Residence (where they were meeting) around 8:00AM.
Sunday School started at 9:00 AM with Bro. Jethro Fernandez teaching on “God’s Comfort” from John Chapter 14.
We started the Morning Service at 10:00 AM. Bro. Jethro and ZJ was in-charge of the the children’s dept. while I preached a “Christmas” message entitled “The Mind of Christ” from Philippians 2:5-8. This passage is often known as the “kenosis” chapter, the self-abasement of the second Person of the Trinity in His becoming human. How we thank Christ for coming down here on earth to save us from our sins. He took upon him the form of a servant. He did not empty something from Himself, but He emptied Himself from something. He did not empty Himself of His deity but only the prerogatives of it. God blessed with 29 in attendance that morning.

Lunch time was also great as we had Lechon for our meal!. In the afternoon, we took the opportunity to rest and later have some fellowship with the people there.

The Evening Service started at 5:00PM, Bro. Jethro moderated the services due to the absence of their workers, and again, we enjoyed the power of God fall upon the services. I was privileged to preach a message entitled “Continue” taken from 2 Tim. 3:12-17, encouraging believers to “Continue” through suffering (v12-13), continue in the Scriptures (v14-16), and continue in their service (v17). Truly, it was a day well spent serving the Lord. We had 22 in attendance that night and a number of folks committing themselves afresh and anew to just “Continue”.

The whole service was a blessing. Personally, I was blessed by the music offered unto the Lord. Bro. Mike Robledo Jr., their church pianist, is a God-gifted musician. He plays the piano in a way that blesses your heart and prepares it to receive the Preaching of the Word of God. (

I arrived home that night at 10PM. Tired and missing my home church, but having a sense of fulfillment knowing that I had the privilege of being a blessing and used of God. Truly, the best thing in this world is spending and expending oneself in the service of Christ.

May you keep on keeping on for Christ!



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